• 2023

    CA, Provides SAT Services to Vistra, Terragen, RWE, LSPower

  • 2022

    CA, Provided SAT Services to Vistra, Terragen

    KY, Set up 300k sqft facility, Testing EV Recall Battery

  • 2021

    TX, Provided PM Service at Texas: Snyder, Sweetwater, Westover

    Completed SAT at Vistra Site, LGES Battery size 1.5 GWH

  • 2020

    CA, Provided SAT Services to Vistra, AES

    Completed SAT at AES site, LGES Battery Size 600 MWH

  • 2019

    Authorized Google UPS Service Provider

    Authorized Volvo Battery Service Provider

  • 2018

    Providing Staffing & Recruiting Solution to Hanwha Q Cells

  • 2016

    Electric Vehicle Battery & Parts service provider for Fiat Chrysler Automobile in North America

  • 2015

    Large Grid Energy Storage Systems solution partner for ACE Engineering, Korea

  • 2014

    Started nationwide LGE TV LCD Panel RMA/Logistic service in Louisville, KY

    Expanded service categories for LCD/LED TV up to 72"

  • 2013

    Started Smart Phone/Tablet factory-level refurbishment in City of Industry, CA

  • 2011

    Expanded service categories for Smart Phones and Tablets

  • 2010

    Alabama facility moved to Fort Worth, TX

  • 2007

    Expanded Louisville, KY facility to accommodate large-size LCD panels for Dell

  • 2006

    Opened 3rd facility in Alabama

    Authorized Service Provider for Apple LCD displays - MacBook and iMac

  • 2005

    Headquarter moved from Ontario, CA to City of Industry, CA

    Authorized Service Provider for HP monitors

  • 2003

    Authorized Service Provider for Apple LCD displays on iBook and Powerbook

    ISO 9001-2000 certification

  • 2002

    Authorized Mobile Phone Service Provider of PCS and Sprint

    Sole LG Philips LCD Service Provider in the U.S.

  • 1998

    Opened 2nd facility in Louisville, KY

    Authorized Gateway, Compaq, HP Monitor Service Provider

  • 1993

    Authorized Apple Macintosh Service Provider

  • 1989

    First facility opened in Ontario, CA


    Electric Vehicle Batteries & Parts
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • Reverse Engineering of Battery Management System & Control Unit

  • Non-Battery Components Depot Repair & Recycle

  • Electric Vehicle Components Warehousing & Distribution for North America (USA and Canada)

  • Field Technician Dispatch Service

  • "In-Program" Automobile Dealers Coordination

Electronics Depot Repair

ETS depot repair raises the customer’s ability to respond to product market needs in an efficient manner.
ETS depot repair alleviates possible time constraints on customer manufacturing and enables to comply with newer requirements,
raising the sale price of repaired product without disrupting current product manufacturing.

ETS simplifies depot repair into three categories

1. Refurbishment, aesthetic/cosmetic or mechanical maintenance or repair of a product. The product may have been dropped during field use, sustained some physical damage that prohibits it from operating properly in some manner. ETS electronics refurbishment process wrings out the physical problems and puts a product back into working order.

2. Repair is the major replacement or re-manufacturing of a product. If a product becomes non-operational due to component malfunction, then a repair is required. ETS handles inspection and analysis down to the device level.

3. Upgrades, taking older version product in from a customer and rebuilding it to current version status. ETS depot repair puts a product through deep inspection, develops a component operating profile, and uses a current bill of materials to perform a complete upgrade to the current specifications of a newly manufactured product.

The broad experiences of ETS engineers play an integral role in reducing repair time and minimizing costs, giving our clients greater value with competitive advantage.

  • ETS TX is the sole service provider for LG Electronics MobileComm in the U.S. (all LG USA phones)
  • ETS KY continues to exclusively support LG Display and LG Electronics in the U.S. for 20+ years.
  • ETS CA has supported Apple (worldwide) for 19 years.