EV Battery
ETS provided more than 4GWh of Battery Maintenance Services to our clients.
  • Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Upgrade & ECO

  • Reverse Engineering

With the global energy market growing 17% every year, it will become a $20 Billion market by 2023.
This growth is being driven by an increased demand for EV Batteries and Infrastructure Grid Batteries.
In order to support this rapidly growing industry, ETS provides nation-wide warranty management services for EV Battery Systems,
customized cost-effective service solutions, and early customer engagement through manufacturing deployment.

    Our warranty management expertise includes,
  • Pre-Tests & Multi-Point State of Charge Inspections

  • Battery Pack Recharge & Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering of Battery Management Systems & Control Units

  • Battery Module Replacement

  • Depot Repair & Recycling of Non-Battery Components

  • Preparation of Scrap Battery Recycling Process

  • Warehousing & Distribution of Electric Vehicle Components for North America (USA & Canada)

  • Field Technician Dispatch Service

  • "In-Program" Automobile Dealers Coordination